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Real Estate for Sale Photo: Atractive bedsitter near Santa Maria del Oro crater lake., La Querencia, Nayarit, Mexico

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Mexico, rentals:Atractive bedsitter near Santa Maria del Oro crater lake: Casita, La Querencia
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Description of this photo: Attractive house near to the beautiful Santa Maria del Oro crater lake with a view of landscaped gardens, ponds and lawns and surrounded by mountains.

Listing title: Atractive bedsitter near Santa Maria del Oro crater lake.
Monthly Rent: US$650
Location: Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, Mexico
City: La Querencia
State/Province: Nayarit
Country: Mexico
Type: Vacation Rental

La Querencia is in a beautiful rural area of Nayarit near to Tepic and a few minutes from Santa Maria del Oro crater lake. The house is fully furnished with 29" TV, home theatre system and internet accesss. It is suitable for one or two persons and sits among landscaped gardens. It has a shaded terrace and is ideal for those who wish to have peace and quiet and like be in contact with nature. There is a small kitchen with appliances, laundry, pool table and fusball and one may bathe in the adjoining stream. I have 2 mountain bikes that you may use during your stay. There are nearby waterfalls to visit and lots of birds and butterflies. You may contact me at [email protected] or by cellphone (52) 311 150 4690. I speak english and spanish.

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Nayarit Mexico Casita, La Querencia
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